Exercise and a proper diet can tone and slim down most body parts, but stubborn fat tends to stick around in some areas… Like the double chin. Kybella® injectables target unwanted fat nonsurgically. We can effectively target unwanted fat cells under the chin by injecting deoxycholic acid into the targeted areas. LUMA Medical Aesthetics Glenwood Springs, CO, offers Kybella® injections to eliminate submental fat cells and restore natural beauty and facial contours. The process is virtually painless, and downtime is minimal. Kybella® is injected directly beneath the chin to kill fat cells and prevent them from accumulating or storing fat. A noticeable difference in chin profile is usually observed after two to four treatments; however, there may be a need for up to six treatments in some cases.

LUMA Medical Aesthetics Glenwood Springs, CO, offers comprehensive Kybella® injections to slim and re-contour the chin area for patients having problems with a double chin. Let’s work together to restore the natural contours of your face and chin area and get rid of the double chin for good today!

Benefits of Kybella® injections include:


Non-surgical Kybella® targets fat under the chin. Fat cells in this area are targeted with injections of deoxycholic acid. There is no need for incisions, and the downtime is very short.

After the full course of injections has been completed, you will see results about four to six weeks after your injections.

The Kybella® treatment typically involves two to four sessions about four weeks apart. Our consultation will help determine how many treatments you need to achieve your aesthetic goals!

The treated area may swell and remain tender for up to a week after treatment, but patients can usually resume normal activities the next day. Scarves and bandanas can conceal bruises and swellings until they subside.

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