Chemical Peels

The purpose of a chemical peel is to remove the superficial layers of skin so that new layers can grow in their place. The targeted area will be treated with a chemical solution after the skin has been cleansed. During the peel, you’ll experience a slight burning and stinging sensation. This means that the chemical is penetrating the skin layer and removing your old, dull skin. After removing the skin, the body will use its natural regenerative processes to repair the wound. There will be a reduction in lines, dark spots, and scarring as new skin grows over the next few days and weeks.

Chemical peels have many benefits, including exfoliation, collagen stimulation, and blood vessel activation, which restore a youthful glow. Our micropeel is a great exfoliation treatment recommended as a jumpstarter for good skin health for mature skin as it also treats more aggressive lines and wrinkles. Consult our licensed, highly knowledgeable healthcare professionals at LUMA Medical Aesthetic in Glenwood Springs, CO, today to determine which treatment is best for your skin type and goals!

Benefits of chemical peels include:


We offer a variety of peels to address specific skin concerns and types. In order to minimize irritation while maximizing results, we assess your skin before your chemical peel. In order to determine the best peel level for your skin type and concerns, we will conduct a skin evaluation.

In order to choose the chemical peel that will yield the best results, we must assess your skin prior to the peel. To determine which chemical peel is suitable for your skin type and concerns, we will evaluate your skin.

Maintaining results is easier when skincare treatments are scheduled on a regular basis. It is recommended that you undergo a series of chemical peels for the best results. Your appointment frequency will be determined during your evaluation.

Chemical peels may cause some tingling, tightness, or temperature change, but it doesn’t hurt. To ensure that there is no sensation that is too extreme, your esthetician will continuously ask you questions to make sure that you are comfortable during the treatment.

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